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Best Gun Safe Under 1000

Updated On February 16, 2021

A gun safe is typically a container that is used to store firearms and guns. It safeguards your guns from burglars, children and natural disasters. It’s a good idea to buy a gun safe.

If you are looking for the best gun safe under $1000 you need to keep a few points in mind regarding security and safety. There are a number of manufacturers which offer different sizes and models of gun safes and you need to be vigilant to find the one thats right for you.

It becomes difficult to check which one is perfect for you when you start getting into the hundreds of brands available. Brand and price is an important point when it comes to which gun safe will be purchased. The requirement will largely vary from person to person.

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Before selecting an gun safe for your requirements you must list out the necessary features you need. After deciding the necessary criteria you must follow the short list of some gun safe models and then finally select the model of your choice.

The main criteria people usually look at include, the safes fire resistance, does the safe have an electornic or manual lock, how many guns does the safe hold, how thick is the safe and whats its theft resistance like.

Best Gun Safe Under 1000 Dollars


This safe received a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars housing up to 22 firearms which are up to 54 inches in length. The safe contains a 3 number drill resistant combination lock works on a two-way locking mechanism featuring three 1 inch locking bolts and two dead bolts.

It has three internal adjustable shelves and limited three-year warranty. Stack-on is one of the high-quality gun safe and this safe has received only positive feedback and reviews. The safe is withstood anything and sure to keep firearms safe.

Why You Should Buy

1. Strong and excellent quality safe.

2. Easy to use.

3. Great storage for putting valuables.


The safe got 4.7 out of 5 stars can store up to 24 shotguns or single barreled rifles have a space of 11 cubic feet. The safe is fire resistant and features a four-way locking system with 10 steel locking bolts with 1.25” diameter.

The Ranger has a limited lifetime warranty and also free replacement guarantee. This safe has been in the market already drawing a lot of attention. Overall Ranger is a good gun safe which satisfies the needs of the user and proves the worth from a price point of view according to its features.

Why You Should Buy

1. Good for price.

2. Works perfectly.


The safe got 4.6 out of 5 stars is a rugged and durable, fireproof safe that has features of the electronic lock. The lock has four ways locking action with a 1.5” live locking bolts. It has three adjustable shelves and can store up to 30 small pistols/handguns.

The Stack contains a limited lifetime guarantee and a limited five-year warranty. It is a reputed brand that reflects in the quality of this safe. The Safe is manufactured with durability and build of safe. If you really need a fireproof gun safe it is highly recommended.

Why You Should Buy

1. Easy to use.

2. Excellent size of the safe.

Summing Up

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There are many points you must take into consideration when buying a safe, especially when you have a fixed budget. A little planning to buy a safe will save your money and time in the future. Keep the brand in your mind and do a research on them, it will help you to make a decision easier. Consider your personal requirements before jumping into the decision.

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