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Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Armorguard 24-Gun Safe in matte black

Stack On Sovereign Gun Safe Review

Updated On February 18, 2021

“Sovereignty has to be taken not just given.” - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Sovereignty in lay man’s means autonomy, freedom or complete independence.

Stack on has named this range of gun safe the “Sovereign” because it aims and delivers in providing you safety from theft, burglary or any Natural disaster like fire. This 22 gun Fire resistant and waterproof Sovereign safe is the complete package. It gives you an electronic lock, factory-installed electrical outlet and convertible interior. Its gray carpeted is exquisitely complemented by its interior.

The best part is that it has a factory-installed door storage organizer with sewn-in holsters and pouches. Its Leatherette trimmed barrel rests along with trimmed partitions add a finished look. It is built with superior technology and an exceptional aesthetic look.

Why should you buy Sovereign 22 Gun Safe?

Out of the few waterproof gun safe series by Stack on, Sovereign is the one that will fulfill all your safety needs. It is developed to withstand a whooping 75 minute fire test for 1400 degree of external temperature which is certified and tested well in the laboratory. It also provides protection against water flooding in up to 2 feet of water. At the lowest price in this series, the 22 gun safe gives you the best at a very minimal and considerable price with all the features.

Drawbacks of the Sovereign 22 Gun Safe Dealer Exclusive:

It is available in only one colour and single locking system. It also provides 75 mins of fire protection at a temperature of 1400 degrees with water resistance for 72 hours in 2ft of water. Sovereign 36 gun safe is built not only to safeguard your valuables in an effective manner but also to stand up to virtually any threat possible.

Why should you buy Sovereign 36 Gun Safe Dealer Exclusive?

There are only 3 features of this 36 gun safe that are different in comparison to the previous one. First is its increased gun capacity and second is that its electronic keypad can be silenced. Thirdly, its electronic lock batteries are accessible from the front of the safe.

Drawbacks Sovereign 36 Gun Safe Dealer Exclusive:

Again this is available only at sovereign dealerships. It an increased price this gun safe provides exactly the same features, fire resistant and waterproof properties which is not a good bargain. All you need to know about Sovereign 60 Gun Safe Dealer Exclusive

Sovereign safes are designed to ensure maximum protection and space. It also has fully convertible interiors which adds good looks to its great stats.

Why should you buy 60 Gun Safe?

For more space! It provides you with more interior volume and a good amount of 8 shelves like no other gun safes that we have reviewed so far in this series.

Drawbacks 60 Gun Safe Dealer Exclusive:

It is heavier bin weight and thus less manageable. It provides the same amount of fire and water protection for an increased price. All you need to know about Sovereign 60 Gun Safe - 72” Dealer Exclusive It is the only gun safe in this series with 3 large vertical storage sections and two full length shelves for additional storage capacity.

Why should you buy Sovereign 60 Gun Safe - 72”?

It has more shelves, 9 in total and and an extra 72” as compared to the earlier one.

Drawbacks Sovereign 60 Gun Safe - 72” Dealer Exclusive:

Its weight is heaviest among all of the gun safes in this series which makes it difficult to manage or move.

Wrapping Up

The soverign line is great for those advanced gun owners that are looking for something that punches above its weight in the features and safety department. This safe is built strong and makes a welcome compliment to any gun collection.

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