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Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

Updated On February 16, 2021

Steelwater Gunsafes Overview

In today's world peace of mind is something that people are both willing to pay for and sacrifice for. When it comes to protecting your guns and keeping your family away from them a safe is not a luxury, its a necessity.

It is necessary to be cautious and always be vigilant in today's world, and this is where the Steelwater gun safe comes in. Steelwater has been in the safe business for years and they have come to be known as one of the larger and most trusted brands in the safe market. In this guide, we will be discussing their offerings and going into more detail about which one may be right for you

Steelwater Comparison Table:






Long Gun Capacity

Max 16 / Avg 8

Max 20 / Avg 16

Max 22 / Avg 18

Max 39 / Avg 30

Max 45 / Avg 39







Fire Rating

45 Minute @ 1550°F

45 Minute @ 1550°F

1 Hour @ 1875°F

1 Hour @ 1875°F

120 Minute @ 1875˚F

Bolt Type






In this article, we’re going to take an elaborate look at the Steelwater range of long gun safes highlighting their features and then gradually comparing it with other counterparts in the Steelwater safe catalog. Lastly, we will compare the Steelwater long gun safes with their market competitors. So Let’s begin!

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

Steelwater Gun Safe Review

Why You Should Buy a Steelwater Gun Safe?

The most important feature of the Steelwater Gun Safe. It is that they all come along with a tonne of accessories! Yes, you heard that right even the smallest and the cheapest of the Steelwater Gun Safes are accompanied with various free accessories for your safes. Here we list a few:

You can choose between the two variants in any of the categories depending on if you want only the basic safe with standard security and protection or you want to purchase the modified variant which is a developed version of the basic.

Rest assured no matter your preference the quality of both the long gun safes in each of the five categories of Steelwater safes will be great.

The 16 Long Gun Safe vs 20 Long Gun Safe

1. The primary difference between both of these categories is the price and the long gun capacity. As evident from its name, the 16 long gun safes store 16 long guns with an average capacity of 8 to 10 long guns. It Is quoted at a price of 629 $ for its standard variant and 739 $ for the modified one. On the other hand the 20 long gun safe come with an average capacity of 12- 16 long guns. It is quoted at a price of 739$ for the standard variant and 839$ for the developed one.

2. The primary similarity between both the 16 long gun safe and 20 long gun safe is that it is designed with the same fire resistant properties. Both these long gun safes by Steelwater can withstand fire for 45 minutes with the external temperature rising up to 1550 degrees.

3. Both have EMP Protected digital/mechanical lock, drill resistant plates, re-locking devices which makes them burglary proof wth a heat-activated door seal. In the event of a fire, the fire seal will expand to keep heat and smoke out.

4. But the two variants in each of the above 2 categories of long gun safes differ in weight and interior storage dimensions.

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

The 20 Long Gun Safe vs 22 Long Gun Safe

1. Unlike the earlier comparison, in this case the fire protection properties both in terms of temperature and resistance duration differ.

2. The 20 long gun safes as we know has a resistance of 45 minutes at 1550 degrees. But the 22 long guns safe provides a vastly different experience in fire safety properties as compared to its 20 long guns safe counterpart.

3. The 22 long gun safe by Steelwater makes sure the safe and its components are safe even at a degree as high as 1875 degrees.

4. The duration, however, differs between its two variants. The standard variant of the 22 long gun safes by Steelwater has a fire protection duration of only an hour while the developed variants boast of having double – 2 hours of fire resistance capacity.

5. Of Course, prices differ too. The standard variant of the 22 long gun safe is priced at 1195 while its developed version is priced at 1695 which is a considerable difference than the price range of the 20 long gun safes by Steelwater as highlighted in the earlier comparison.

6. Unlike the 20 long gun safes, the 22 long gun safes are designed with LAGard UL Listed Group 2 Lock. It is an upgraded combination lock that provides superior reliability and security.

7. The 20 long gun safe has a composite constructed door while both the 22 long gun safe variants by Steelwater have been provided with Extra Thick Steel Construction. It is a Composite style constructed door with an added 1/4 inch solid steel plate and thick 9 gauge body.

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

The 22 Long Gun Safe vs 39 Long Gun Safe

1. The fire resistant properties of both the 22 long gun safes and 39 long gun safes are exactly the same.

2. What differs are the dimensions, the weight and the gun holding capacity. As the name suggests the former can withhold up to 14-18 of 22 long guns and the latter can bear an average number of 39 long guns ranging between 24-30.

3. The price again has obvious variations. 22 long gun standard heavy duty safe is priced at 1195$ and its Xtreme duty safe is quotes at 1695$. On the other hand, the heavy duty variant of 39 long guns safe is at a cost of 1395$ and its Xtreme duty variant is at 1995$.

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

The 39 Long Gun Safe vs 45 Long Gun Safe

1. The Steelwater Heavy Duty variant of 39 long gun safes has an Interior Capacity of 23.70 Cubic Ft. Out of this, the Usable Interior Capacity of this safety locker by Steelwater Guns is 20.52 Cubic Ft. It has a very large weight of 687 lbs. It is priced at 1395$.

2. Steelwater 39 long gun Xtreme Duty has an Interior Capacity of 21.40 Cubic Ft. Out of this, the Usable Interior Capacity  is 18.66 Cubic Ft. It has a very large weight of 932 lbs. It is priced at 1995.

3. Steelwater heavy duty 45 long gun safe has an Interior Capacity of 37.21 Cubic Ft. with its usable Interior Capacity of 32.56 Cubic Ft. This safety enclosure comes with a considerable weight of 888 lbs. It is priced at 1795$.

4. Whereas, Steelwater xtreme duty 45 long gun safe is designed with an Interior Capacity of 34.26 Cubic Ft. and Usable Interior Capacity of 30.20 Cubic Ft. The weight of this safety locker is1,250 lbs. It is priced at 2595 $.

5. The fire resistant for both the 39 and 45 long gun safes by Steelwater is the same for an external temperature as high as 1875 degrees.

6. Apart from that the UL Listed Lagard Group 2 Combination Lock,
8X Larger Drill Resistant Hard Plate and Gear Drive Linkage System are also the same for both the long gun safes.

7. Both the Steelwater 39 and 45 long gun safes are also featured by double Steel Reinforced Top Shelf
Steel u-channel plates and steel shelving clips. This prevents the shelf from sagging or breaking in the event of a burglary or any other security breach.

8. Again in case of a theft, to avoid the intrusion both the 39 and 45 long safes are secured with reinforced Bolt Down Holes. These are 1/4 Inch steel plates in all 4 bottom corners that provides more security when bolted down.

Times have changed but one truth remains the same, safety is king. We need secure and encoded safes to sleep at peace in our homes in today’s volatile world.

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

Wrapping Up

There are various reasons why Steelwater is the one stop for all your safety, security and protection enclosure needs. Let’s start from the top. Steelwater guns safety is a company that was started by security and law enforcement personnel who have been veterans in this field for over 22 years. Their experience has been the foundation of Steelwater gun safety safes. The pillars of which are the 3 main features that are seen on every product of Steelwater gun safes. These 3 features are fireproofing, security and reliability.

Steelwater Gun safes give you that perfect tension free safe solution which protects all your important documents, weapons, and precious belongings.

Steelwater Gun safes not only just focus on supreme quality but also the quantity of features and accessories that are made available to the customers free of cost along with the purchase of the original product. T

Well, it does not end here, there is a lifetime warranty guarantees which would not be necessary in the first place owing to the superior quality of safes that steelwater designs.

Let’s remember every safe choice we make is an investment into protecting both our posetions and our loved ones. Invest smartly and wisely!

Our Pick Again – The Steelwater 20

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

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