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SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Gun inside

The Best Gun Safe for the Money [Buyer’s Guide]

Updated On February 16, 2021

If you are a gun owner a gun safe is an investment for you. You can keep your guns and valuables safe and sound. A gun safe protects your gun from burglars and keeps a child away from accessing the gun.

Many states have passed a law that your guns must be locked up even if you don’t have kids at your home. In that case, you must keep a gun safe at your place, you may be upset at being forced to purchase a safe but actually this is something of a bonus since you get a great piece of hardware that can protect your valuables from burglary and fire while keeping your possessions safe.

The old saying that you get what you pay for applies to gun safes. Don’t pay for the nice paint, decorative items, chrome and interior features of a gun safe. Instead you pay for the protection and safety that it affords you from both burglary and natural disasters.

The Best Gun Safe for the Money


#01. Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

This is a quick access gun safe, not exactly like the larger safes its meant more for quick access and use to get a gun quickly in the case of an emergency while still keeping it safe from children and accident. Sentry is designed with a push-button combination lock. The buttons are backlit which makes the locker easy to open the safe even in complete darkness. Unlike other combination locks, this safe doesn’t need any batteries. Before entering your combination you’re required to press a button to start the keypad but it is still much quicker to access then a safe which has a traditional lock.

Why You Should Buy Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

1. No batteries are required for Safe.

2. When it is in silent mode doesn’t beep when you press the button on the safe.

3. Excellent locking mechanism.


If you are looking for a handgun safe with quick access and a digital keypad. This safe has a drop-down drawer making it ready to fire when you draw. Simply you will get a pistol holster with a lock. It is one of the best handgun safes for mounting in a vehicle within arm’s reach as you travel.


1. Safe is mountable nearly anywhere.

2. It is equipped with an internal light.

3. The safe feels solid when mounted.


This is a handgun safe you can put your pistol and valuables in no matter if you are in a car or at home. It contains 1081 user combinations. The hinges are spring assisted it open quicker. The safe looks secure enough when bolted to a solid surface that a thief.


1. Safe is quite when opening.

2. Safe does not require batteries to access handguns.

3. The hinges are made of heavy gauge steel which makes the
door safe as compared to other safes.

Final Point About The Best Gun Safe for Money 

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You require a gun safe due to many reasons whether you are a gun owner or parent. Doing a little research for a gun safe and checking your requirement can give you the best bang for your buck.

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