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Winchester Bandit 10 2017 Model gun safe in metal gray with mechanical lock

Winchester Bandit Review

Updated On February 18, 2021

Winchester Bandit Overview

The Winchester Bandit Gun Safe models are a world-renowned line that brings safety and security to you at a great price. These gun safes are made to survive in extreme temperatures and to be theft resistant from even the most hardened criminals.

After hours of research and personal trials, we have gotten together to bring you this guide of the Winchester Bandit Line.

Winchester Bandit Gun Safe Review

You never want a situation where you valuables or guns may get stolen. But, have you found the perfect option to protect yourself from robbers and your unwanted access?

If you are looking for a name in the market that can potentially be better than all the other options. We are here to help and direct you towards the best option possible.

Winchester Gun Safes are rapidly earning people’s trust with a wide range of quality products. These US made safes are manufactured by professionals who work with integrity and reliability.

With more than 150 years of experience, Winchester safes stand out from the crowd owing to their tremendously innovative security system, customization, and innumerable advantages.

The premium line of the Winchester product ranges from the evolution series to the ranger series. We have tried to accumulate reviews and the most sought-after features for buyers to come to find the best of the best.

Based on the popularity and versatility in features, Bandit series of the Winchester Safes has topped the list.

We will be reviewing the pros and cons of this line in more detail below.

1. Winchester Bandit 31 Review

Winchester Bandit 31 Dial Gun Safe- Gunmetal Gray

The safe weighs 516lbs and has a volume of 30.5 cf it occupies minimal space. The gunmetal finish is extremely durable while the multiple layers of the fireboard make the safe more resistant to burglary and fire than others.

The 14 gauge steel body, 1” solid steel locking bolts, pry-resistant recessed doors, reinforced steel return door jam, and the drill resistant hard plates make it the safest of its kind. A power cord at the back of the safe is available for lighting up the safe.

The safe is best for buyers who wish to have something more secure than the lock and key mechanism but cannot afford to pay a large amount. The safe has a 14 gauge steel body with a 1 way locking bolt system.

Though the body is not very strong the multilayer fireboards and the palusol heat expandable door seal makes it safe enough.

The gunmetal finish and the black single lever handle give it a fabulous appearance. The safe can hold up to 24 long guns.

2. Winchester Bandit 14 Review

Winchester Bandit 14 2017 Model - Gun Metal Gray - Mechanical Dial Lock

The features of the Bandit 14 safe, include fire resistance for 45 minutes, extra layer of UL rated fireboard protection, recessed door, dead locking bolts on the hinge side of the door and adjustable shelving system.

The UL listed S&G mechanical lock guarantees security from burglary. Made in Texas, USA, it can be trusted to keep your valuables safe.

3. Winchester Bandit 10 Review

Winchester Bandit 10 Gun Safe - Gmtl ELEC

The safe is spacious enough to store 14 long guns apart from other small valuables. The 14 gauge steel body and the UL rated fireboard protection in the walls and ceilings enhance its ability burglary and fire.

The safe comes with a limited lifetime warranty and guarantees the replacement of the product in case of any material or workmanship flaws. It is pre-drilled for anchoring to the floor.

4. Winchester Bandit 9 Review

Winchester Bandit 9 2017 Model - Gun Metal Gray - Mechanical Dial Lock

The compact size and minimal weight make it one of the most demanded products of the range... It can fit even in a tight space. Depending upon your choice, you can opt for a mechanical lock or an electronic lock in the Bandit 9.

6 locking bolts and an external cast steel strap make it a perfect choice to secure your valuables.

Why The Winchester Bandit?

Manufactured in Texas, the storage, dimensions, and affordability of the bandit series are some of the many reasons that make it a worthy option.

Although these safes come with combination locks, a better suggestion would be to replace it with a digital lock by spending an 100 extra dollars. You don’t want to take the risk with the lock mechanism in case of emergency.

The external hinges allow a 180-degree movement of the door without affecting the fire resistance of the safe. It can withstand a temperature of 1400 Fahrenheit for 45 minutes.

Behind the door is a very spacious rack capable of storing numerous guns at a time and a shelf to accommodate documents, accessories, and other valuables.

This gives a crystal clear image of how spacious the safes are. The door panel organizer allows increase of the storage capacity.

Winchester offers a guarantee of replacement in case of damage from fire or burglary and the limited lifetime warranty against defect in material or manufacturing makes the bandit series even more popular.

It is the best option if you have limited space and finances. No product in the market can beat the bandit series when it comes to the available features at such a low cost.

Winchester Bandit Gun Safe Reviews: Worth Buying?

It all depends upon your requirements. But certain factors that you need to consider before making the purchase is the low fire rating.

If you have incredibly precious valuables that cannot be risked at any cost, think twice before you decide anything. The safe can withstand 1400 Fahrenheit temperature for 45 minutes maximum.

Moreover, the presence of just a single locking bolt could be a point of conflict for you. The 14 gauge steel body is the minimal requirement for a safe to secure valuables.

It becomes problematic to store long guns sometimes since the size is compact with less capacity. However, the adjustable shelves allow you to maximize the space.

Wrapping Up

The Bandit series is better than the other products from Winchester, including the ranger deluxe, Silverado premier and big daddy series.

The Bandit series can in no way compete with the ranger deluxe in terms of the features but the low price and the quality still leave the other competitors in the dust.

So though you are saving a good amount, be aware that you will have to give up certain features which might be essential for you.

Our Pick

1. Winchester Bandit 31 Review

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