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Winchester - Win Big Daddy Series

Winchester Big Daddy Review

Updated On February 18, 2021

Winchester Big Daddy Overview

If you are looking for something big with a large capacity to hold a varied collection of guns, then the Winchester Big daddy is for you. Enjoy spacious yet secure storage for guns and valuable possessions with the Big Daddy gun safe series from the Winchester Gun Safe company.

Winchester Big Daddy Top 3 Products Reviewed

Despite being large and secure, it's affordable considering its materials. The affordable price for a quality product takes its value to another level. Due to the different needs and demands of consumers, the company manufactures three models under the Bid Daddy Brand.

1. Winchester Big Daddy XLT

Winchester Safes BD72424710E Big Daddy XLT Gun Safe 72' H x 42' W x 27' D (Exterior) Electronic Lock Gunmetal Gray

The classic Big Daddy gun safe gets a new larger size.

The Big daddy XLT is the second model of the series and is spacious enough to accommodate 56 long guns. The dimensions of this model are 72 x 42 x 27.

Among the three models, as evident, the Big daddy XLT is the largest whereas the Slim Daddy is the smallest. Apart from long gun storage, the safes have well-designed racks and pockets to keep other essential documents and small pistols.

This model is available with power coating gunmetal or black finish giving it a beautiful look. It entirely depends upon you to choose between the mechanical lock and the electronic locking system.

The adjustable shelves give allow you to arrange it the way you want to accommodate your collection. The door panel organizer is designed to provide quick access to your guns.

As far as the fire protection of the safe is concerned, it is good enough for the price you pay. A 75-minute fire rating a 1400 F, composite steel door, thermal protective lining in the zippered pockets, extra layers of fireboard behind the accessory door panel and more contributes to protecting your valuables from the fire.

The Big Daddy XLT exceeds the California DOJ requirements, has UL listed S&G mechanical lock and solid steel external hinges. It is a 12 gauge thick steel body formed with robotic continuous welds that combines with 18 locking bolts to offer supreme security against burglars.

Excellent customer service, warranty and guarantee plans and the amazing quality of the material used make it one of a kind.

2. Winchester BIG DADDY

Winchester Big Daddy 7-M Gun Safe; 54 Gun Capacity (Black) (Mechanical Lock)

If you own a large collection of guns, Winchester brings you the big daddy gun safe with a wide body and double racks for easy access and safe storage of guns along with other accessories.

It has a fire ratings of 75 minutes at 1400 degree F. This is made possible because of its Palusol heat-expanding doors which enlarge to 6 times its original size and block smoke and heat.

The multiple layers of U.L. listed fireboards add to the protection.

The zippered pockets have thermal linings to protect documents.

The company understands your worries and concerns and hence appoints the best engineers and professionals to design and construct every inch of the safe with maximum security in mind.

The body of the safe is made of 12 gauge thick steel to bear all kinds of attempted break-ins. The company offers lifetime free replacement guarantees if the safe gets damaged under any burglary.

The UL. Listed S&G mechanical locks, titanium disk, external strap hinges are made of solid steel, there are drill resistant steel hard plates in the door and reinforced steel return jambs. These are only some of the great features that make this safe great.

3. Winchester SLIM DADDY

Winchester Slim Daddy Safe- 30 Gun with Electronic Lock- Gunmetal

The last one in the series is the Slim Daddy Gun Safe with dimensions of 59 x 32 x 25. Slim daddy can hold up to 30 long guns.

Finally, Winchester has found the solution for people with low budgets but high-security demands, the Slim Daddy.

The upgraded composite door construction coordinated with the resistance of five layers of fireboards in the door, three layers in the body of the container and a palusol heat expandable door seal make this safe capable of withstanding temperatures of around 1400 degrees for 75 minutes.

To make it burglary resistant, features like 12 gauge steel construction, 18 solid steel locking bolts with 3 way movement, drill resistant hard plate, auxiliary locker, pry-resistant recessed door etc are built into the Slim Daddy

As far as the interior, the fantastic door panel organizer gives you 8 pistol pockets and 5 zippered pockets to keep other essential documents. The LED light kit comes along with the safe to lighten up the interiors. Also, the power docking system is provided to charge your electronics.

The company offers a 2-year warranty on the locks whereas there is a lifetime warranty against fire and burglary.

Why is the Winchester Big Daddy better than other products?

Owing to the innumerable features that it offers, the big daddy line has carved out a niche for itself in the hearts of its customers. When it comes to comparison, I won’t call it the best of its branded line, but the company does come out with something perfect for its specific market.

The most important benefit is the ample space it offers. When you plan to buy a gun safe, the aspect that concerns you the most is the space it offers for an extensive collection without being congested. Apart from long guns, it can store smaller weapons, accessories, documents and other valuable items.

If you are living in an area that is more prone to fire and burglary, the Big Daddy series would be best for you since it has more strength, solid steel body and fire resistance compared to the tactical and ranger line.

As a comparison, ranger holds 1-inch bolts whereas the bolt size is 1.5 in the case of the Big Daddy. Also, the fire ratings of the ranger and tactical safes are 60 minutes at 1400 degrees whereas the Big Daddy can hold together 15 more minutes without damage.

What are the negatives of the Big Daddy?

The safe comes with a single power outlet and DPO, thereby forcing you to pay extra to get other required accessories you need.

Ita big and bulky, you need a good mover or team of movers to be able to transport this safe. Also, there are few companies that ship the product outside the selected 48 states of America, if you live in Hawaii or Alaska you may be out of luck.

You need to calculate and see if the shipping and moving charges of the safe exceed the value of your valuables inside.

Wrapping Up

After reading the review and going through the pros and cons of the bid daddy series, you should now have enough information to determine which of the models you like the most. Recapping, the XLT is the largest, the original is smaller but still maintains its traditional features and the Slim Daddy is slighter smaller for those that want a Big Daddy without the size hassle.

There are various gun safes made by Winchester for different users and different needs, feel free to check out the rest of our reviews to find what you're looking for.

Our Top Choice Again

The Winchester Big Daddy XLT

Winchester Safes BD72424710E Big Daddy XLT Gun Safe 72' H x 42' W x 27' D (Exterior) Electronic Lock Gunmetal Gray

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