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Winchester Treasury 26 Gun Safe- Elock- Grey

Winchester Treasury Review

Updated On February 16, 2021

Treasury gun safes are one of the best products from Winchester according to our review team. This statement is based on the innumerable features and the assurance of reliability and security one gets along with the safe.

We would recommend this safe for the modern day gun collectors who do not wish to compromise on security features of their safe.

The Treasury is probably the best selling and most well-known brand on Winchester gun safes and continues to impress. We at WGS have spent considerable time going through the specifications and features to bring you this detailed review.

Winchester Treasury Gun Safe Top 2 Reviews

#01 ― Winchester Treasury 48 Review

Winchester Treasury 48

Fire Protection

Similar to the other models of the brand, the  Treasury 48 can also withstand temperatures of 1400 degrees for a time span of 90 minutes. The palusol heat expandable door seals block the entry of smoke and heat into the safe to safeguard your valuable and sensitive belongings.

Confidential documents that you might have kept in the zippered pockets of the safe are as secure as other items due to the thermal protective lining. An added layer of fireboard in the composite steel door enhances the protection level of the safe.

Burglary Protection

The 10 gauge thick steel body and the 18 locking bolts used in the structure of the safe forms the perfect combination for high-end security. Each bolt is 1.5 inches thick and can move in 3 directions.

The locking mechanism is U.L listed that makes it very durable. You can choose between the mechanical and electronic lock accordingly.

The safe has ¼ inches steel hard plates which are resistant to any kind of drilling. So now you can sleep peacefully that your possessions are protected and not even the most technically skilled robber can break in. The company takes all the headaches out of safe purchase with their friendly support.

Model Features

A deluxe door panel organizer gives you easy access to your guns. There is two power docking system with 110v outlets and two USB pass through.


#02 ― Winchester Treasury 26 Review

Winchester Treasury 26

Fire Protection

The safe is capable of combating a temperature as high as 1400 degrees for 90 minutes with the Winchester Treasury 26. Due to the presence of 5 layers of fireboards in the door, three layers in the body and four layers in the ceiling. In addition to the fireboards, the palusol heat expandable door seal makes it highly resistant to the effects of fire and heat.

Burglary Protection

Features like 10 gauge steel body formed with robotic continuous welds, exceeds the California DOJ requirements, U.L listed for burglary protection RSC, drill resistant plates, titanium disk to strengthen the locking system etc makes it one of the most trustworthy models.

The locking system can be chosen according to your desires. Though the mechanical locks are more reliable electronic locks are time savers. It has been through military-style testing thereby assuring that it is capable of combating all sorts of military EMP attacks.

Model Features

It is available with a 3 spoke vault handle that makes it easier to open the door of the safe. It is quite a handsome safe that comes in power coated gunmetal, saddle and black finish. The list of other accessories is extensive. The accessories include power outlet, door panel organizer, LED light system, adjustable shelving etc.

Buying Guide for the Winchester Treasury

We will cover every point we can to help you make an informed decision before buying the Winchester Treasure Safe. Since there are only two options for you. Wherein, the major difference in these products is Safety and Size. In this guide, we will also compare the Treasury Safe with other models in the line.

Different Models of The Winchester Treasury Safe

Owing to the high demand and different requirements of people, the company manufactures two models under the treasury range:

• Treasury 26- it has the following dimensions: 60 x 30 x 25 and can store up to 26 long guns at a time. Apart from these, the well designed safe allows you to protect your documents and other smaller weapons and accessories. Model 26 weighs 842 lbs making it impossible for the thief to move it.

• Treasury 48- this model can accommodate up to 48 long guns along with other smaller ammunitions and documents in the thermal lining pockets. The exterior dimensions of the safe are 72 x 40 x 29. The volume of 48.3 cf makes it considerably spacious. It weighs around 1310lbs.

What Makes The Winchester Treasury Safe Series One Of a Kind?

Well, looking at the heap of similar kinds of gun safes that offer listed advantages, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Every company tries to sell you in the best way possible. Hence we suggest going through the detailed description of the features that a safe offers.

Also, keep an eye on the negative aspects to make the right decision.

What Are The Cons Of The Winchester Treasury Safe?

If you are living in an area that is more prone to fire, we would suggest other options. Owing to its construction, it can stand high temperature for only 90 minutes. Safes from the legacy line are better off in this regard.

Other minor flaws may include the frequent dying of the batteries which would require you to change them now and then to avoid failures in emergency situations.

A Comparison With Safes of Other Winchester Series

It is far stronger when compared to the Big daddy line. This is because the 10 gauge steel plates used in treasury safes are thicker than the 12 gauge safes of the Big daddy line. Also, the number of fireboards is more when compared to other safes.

Also, not all the Winchester lines use the 1.5-inch thick locking bolts. In safes of the ranger line, the bolts are weak since they are a mere 1 inches thick. This makes the treasury safes strong enough to bear extreme situations with great efficiency.

The complete package contains innumerable additional accessories for which you usually have to pay a hefty amount. It is a far better a deal than the ranger safes if high-tech features with enormous accessories are in your requirement list.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to list the basic features of the treasury safe that makes it stand out from the run of the mill safe. Go through the review to know if it fits your requirement. Still, if you don’t feel satisfied with the treasury collection, the other products of the Winchester line won’t disappoint you. Don’t forget to read the reviews as nobody wants you to invest in something that does not satisfy you at the end of the day.

Our Top Choice Again

The Winchester Treasury 48 Review

Winchester Treasury 48

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